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When stucco failure occurs, it is critical to have a licensed engineer that specializes in stucco failure. They are responsible to find and cite the code violations and deficiencies within the stucco system.

Being in the construction industry for last decade, we have seen the devastation caused by poor stucco installation. We have seen how small cracks go unnoticed for years while eating away at the wood structure below. We have seen homes falling apart because people did not have a solution.

To put simply, KIS Consulting, LLC. is a consumer advocacy site. We are committed to informing and assisting the public in understanding their rights as a consumer as it pertains to the construction of their home. KIS Consulting, LLC. has organized a group of engineers to help the consumer identify issues on their home and to be able to make an informed decision on what they can do to fix them.

There is a solution.


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